When a South Florida Short Sale Closes

A Short Sale can be a whirlwind; from a Short Sale Sellers decision to sell their home to the eventual closing of selling a home as a Short Sale.

When a South Florida Short Sale Closes

I’ve been selling Short Sales for my customers for many years now here in South Florida and a recent closing gently reminded me of the bliss tinged with sadness, as a tear can evoke both joy and grief.

This particular Short Sale here in South Florida went smoothly on the Seller Short Sale side (it was the Buyer’s side with their financing that aggravated all yet, this discussion here is about the Seller side Short Sale, as the Buyer side financing is a whole another post to blog about.)

I was able to receive a pretty quick written Short Sale approval for my Sellers with their 2 Lenders having relieved them of having to pay back any deficiency balance; not having this hang over their heads for years to worry about was worth a pot of gold and more. So it was a quick, deficiency balance free of having to be paid back, relief of not having to pay taxes on the deficiency, $3000 received at closing, no surprise, Short Sale. The ideal Short Sale.

They made it to the end, to where they wanted to be, with having the Short Sale approved yet, why were they experiencing conflicting tears? There were tears of joy in that they successfully sold their home as a Short Sale then tears of sorrow soon followed when all of the closing documents were signed and their home was now transferred to the new homeowners. The chapters of their lives while living in their home included many years of numerous treasured memories, now behind them and it wasn’t easy to simply erase these memories even when I tried to console them that better days are ahead with new fond memories to follow. Sometimes, it just isn’t easy, I understand, but it will get better. One step at a time.