Traits of a Short Sale advocate. What should you look for in a person who ha
s promised to help you avoid foreclosure and sell your home as a Short Sale? Does it really matter? You bet it Traits of a Short Sale REALTOR® advocate does. What traits should you look for in your Short Sale REALTOR®

  1. Experience.  Doesn’t everyone benefit when an experienced person is on your side no matter what the task? Sure and some times experience really does matter when so much is at stake. You want to know that they possess a great deal of knowledge. You’re likely selling your home as a Short Sale here in South Florida because you’re trying to avoid foreclosure. You cannot risk an inexperienced Short Sale REALTOR® being given the task to get your home listed and sold as a Short Sale. Experience can be important in a Traditional Real Estate sale yet not as critical as selling your home as a Short Sale where a lot more risk is involved. You want to know how long has the Short Sale REALTOR® been selling homes as Short Sales, how many homes have they listed for sale as a Short Sale AND how many have the actually closed; what’s their rate of closing Short Sales?
  2. Determination.  When selling homes as Short Sales, a Short Sale REALTOR® must have the inherent ability of determination as they’re going to need a lot of determination in getting the Short Sale approved when likely faced with many obstacles to include the ever present “No”. The “No” must be reviewed as a welcome challenge to turn the “No” to a “YES”. They will be determined in that they Never Never give up.
  3. Negotiating Skills. Negotiation Skills can frequently be coined an Art.  Not everybody has the ability to negotiate yet if you are lacking in Negotiation Skills you won’t be successful with Short Sales. Can this trait be learned?  Perhaps, but do you want them to be in training with you?
  4. Organization. Preparing to negotiate a Short Sale on behalf of a Distressed Seller requires great organization skills as the Short Sale REALTOR® will be dealing with a great number of financial documents and they must be organized. A complete Short Sale Package will need to be presented on your behalf and it must be thorough, compelling and complete. This is a key Short Sale component.
  5. Passion.  Perhaps one of the most important traits in my opinion. When a Short Sale REALTOR® possesses genuine Passion in wanting to help the Distressed Seller, they will incorporate all of the above traits into their Short Sale strategic system for optimum results. Passion includes the true desire to help a Seller and to find great satisfaction in knowing that they had a part in making a difference; can’t place a price tag on that.