Short Sale Videos

Short Sale Videos in South Florida  

Browse through the Short Sale Videos to learn more about Short Sales. How to sell your home as a Short Sale and what to expect from a South Florida Short Sale. Sometimes you can read all about Short Sales yet, prefer to actually hear from a Short Sale Specialist; someone who has experienced it first hand and completely understands the Short Sale process, as I do, where I’ve been helping the distressed Short Sale Seller for many years.

Here you’ll find information on the required documentation for a Short Sale, you’ll hear about what it takes to get a Short Sale approved, who can qualify to sell their home as a Short Sale, what are bumps that you may go through along the way and much, much more. Go head and start viewing. If I missed covering a point of interest to you, simply pick up the phone and give me a call at 954-464-110 and I’d be happy to discuss further with you. Go ahead, call me now and don’t delay as time is not on your side.

Presented to you by Lynn Pineda, South Florida Short Sale REALTOR®