I trusted you to short sell my home in South Florida.  You told me you were a professional. After all, you took on my home to sell it as a Short Sale. I thought you knew how to sell Short Sales? How did you let this happen to me?

You should have taken better care of my Short Sell of home

Oh boy, the questions all making reference to just “How could you let this happen?!” 

These are likely questions made by the South Florida homeowner who has been trying to sell their home as a Short Sale since 2010. Their only question was can you short sell my home?

There was no method to the pricing strategy or should I say lack of pricing strategy. It was high then reduced by 8.5% in a week, then reduced by 16.50% in 2 months then reduced a few more times, then increased back up to a prior price, then 3 more price reductions and then increased back up again to a prior price and then you guessed it, reduced it again 3 more times until the distressed Seller finally had their nice home foreclosed upon for a judgment amount of $350,000.

I’ve written about this so many times and it just pains me to see this homeowner having gone through this and so many others. Why do Agents take on Short Sale listings and just wing it? This is not as simple as what will happen if you don’t get the home sold. If you don’t get this home sold it will be foreclosed upon; most homeowners worst nightmare –  that of mortgage foreclosure.

Are we so desperate for money that we will do anything to even risk the well being of a distressed Seller? Where are your values? It disgusts me.

There should be a license just to sell a home as a Short Sale as maybe then Agents would take it seriously. Or if you don’t believe in the seriousness of a Short Sale, then refer it out and receive a 25% Referral fee. Enough already. When a distressed Seller asks you, “Can you short sell my home here in South Florida?” Make sure you’re confident in how you answer that question as there is a lot at stake.