Short Sale Reviews for Lynn Pineda, your South Florida Short Sale Realtor

Do you want to sell your home as a Coral Springs Short Sale or anywhere in South Florida? Read some of my customer’s reviews about their Short Sale experience when they were trying to avoid foreclosure:

When I realized that I was going to sell my house as a Short Sale I had no idea who to use as a Realtor or how to go about it. I searched the  Internet for Short Sale Specialists and that is how I met Lynn  Pineda.  From the first phone call to the actual meeting a few days later I knew I had made a good choice!  Lynn and her husband came over and took pictures and listed my house a few days later. She was very professional, and kind, and very understanding as to how I was
feeling as it was very emotional for me. As the days went on Lynn was always there to answer all my questions and concerns.  Her  patience and understanding and genuine knowledge of how the process works was very comforting at this stressful time.  I knew I could lean on her for support. She got me through a very emotional time.
The house was sold in  just a few days and then began the waiting process from Bank of America.  Lynn was amazing! She called every day for  updates and was persistent for information.  We finally got the approval letter we were waiting for, all thanks to Lynn’s hard work and never ending persistence.  I would highly recommend Lynn Pineda to anyone selling their house as she is extremely knowledgeable, kind, compassionate, organized, conscientious and an absolute pleasure to deal with!!! Lynn helped me get through this difficult
time in my life and made the experience as painless as possible.  I owe it all to her!! Thank you Lynn you were amazing!!


Lori McShane


“I recently worked with Lynn Pineda to purchase my first home in Coral Springs. Lynn showed me several properties before I found the home that I eventually purchased.

I experienced several ups and downs throughout the whole process and Lynn proved to be a knowledgeable and trusted professional guiding me through each step of the way.

The mortgage process was particularly difficult with this property because it had been purchased and owned by an investor for less than 6 months. Once we got through that hurdle and thought we were all set, we encountered yet another setback with a lender. Two days before closing, which was also the last day of the extended contract, the mortgage lender decided they would not release funds until the air conditioner was fixed. Lynn worked with both the seller and myself to negotiate a solution that worked for both parties. Without her, the sale would not have gone through.

I want to thank Lynn for her expertise and commitment to making this work. I would recommend Lynn to anyone who is interested in buying or selling their home. Thanks again Lynn for all that you did and being there whenever needed.”


Scott Moser


“I think I found the best Realtor on the planet and her name is Lynn Pineda!

When we decided to list our home with a Realtor, I did some serious searching for just the right person to help us. We were in a short sale situation. From the moment I first spoke with Lynn, I heard something different that I hadn’t heard from other Realtors. Passion. Her passion for her job is amazing. She doesn’t give up. She’s persistent, compassionate, organized, conscientious, and thoughtful. If we had questions, she had the answers. She returned phone calls and responded to e-mails with lightening speed. She worked so hard for us, and kept me calm throughout the whole process. For all of you selling homes in this slow market, you know how stressful it can be. In football terms, Lynn was like a lineman to my quarterback. Linemen are the largest and strongest players on the field. (She’s petite, but don’t let that fool you!) She completely kept the “bad guys” away from me so I could concentrate on my job and my life outside the short sale.

In closing, it is our pleasure to endorse Lynn Pineda. We are thankful for her expertise and knowledge during this difficult time of selling our home in a short sale. Regardless if you’re buying or selling, we hope you’ll have an opportunity to know her and find out for yourself as we have. Lynn is genuine, and she’s out there to help you.”


Diana and Adam


“If you are reading this testimonial, then you are probably considering putting your home up for a short sale, or even worse, letting it fall into foreclosure.  And if you are reading this testimonial, you are probably considering whether or not to utilize Lynn Pineda as your realtor.  The answer to that question should be “Absolutely!!”  I had no choice but to put my home on the market in hopes of completing a short sell in January of 2009.  This was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever had to make and by far one of the most stressful ones.  The real stress didn’t start until the process finally began, and believe me it is a lengthy one. 
I couldn’t have hoped for a better, more compassionate professional guiding me through this process.  I know I was very difficult, demanding, and high maintenance at times.  Never once did Lynn loose her patience, professionalism, and motivation to successfully complete this closing for me.  In fact, the closing was delayed for several reasons, several times (which is very common) and Lynn never backed down or gave up even when I felt it was never going to happen.  There are many so called “Short Sale Specialists” out there.  Unfortunately, many are not and many have never even completed a short sale closing.  Lynn is a competent professional and “Master of Her Craft” and truly knows how to attack these complicated closings in this most challenging of economic times.

Lynn Pineda will be at the top of my list when I finally decide to buy or sell a home again in the future, and she should be at the top of your list now.
Thank you Lynn!!”
R. Eisenman


“Wow. I still can’t believe it. You have no idea how grateful we are for your help Lynn. We are so happy we found you because now we know we could have never done this without you. Your persistence was what made this happen. Should you ever need a reference, we would be more than happy to help you with that or anything else you might need.
Because of you, we now feel we can move forward with our lives and start a family of our own. 🙂

Thank you again so very much from the bottom of our hearts!”

With Warmest Regards,
Cathy & Alex



I cannot begin to adequately express my deepest appreciation for your dedication, patience and perseverance. Without all of which we probably would not have been able to bring this short sale to a successful close. Thank you for all that you did to help us through this grueling short sale process. We are grateful for your warmth and heartfelt friendliness during this difficult time.

My husband and I had the great fortune of finding Lynn Pineda. We sent Lynn an e-mail requesting a few minutes of her time and within 15 minutes Lynn had called us and answered our questions. Her timeliness and responsiveness to our needs were remarkable.

We would like to extend our gratitude for her hard work. Due to several unfortunate events, we were unable to keep our home with the declining real estate market and poor economy. This was devastating for our family. Prior to working with Lynn we had 2 other real estate agents, my house was on the market for 2 yrs. Other agents did not have the knowledge or high interest in assisting us during this difficult time. Our calls were not returned for weeks, finally when they decided to call back they gave me promises that could not be met. Lynn listed my home and an offer came in the same evening! Lynn has been an excellent REALTOR working with us every step and was willing to meet every challenge.

From the very beginning, Lynn explained to us the steps and was honest; she took the time to explain what was going on in the real estate market and how best to handle our situation. Lynn worked diligently with our lender. Our lender was very difficult and disorganized during this process. However, through her commitment and increased efforts as the weeks went by, Lynn was able to coordinate, negotiate, and finalize the closing of our home so quickly……while keeping us informed during the entire process. We could not have been in better hands.

It is important to work with a real estate agent that possess both good judgment and a logical outlook, and Lynn is that real estate agent. We are happy to give our whole hearted endorsement of Lynn Pineda.”


Drew & Kathy Bates



“For whom it may concern,

I would be pretty surprised if Lynn had a harder client to deal with.  Between my power of attorney transfer to my mother in Washington DC and my relocation into the remote interior of Alaska, I have no idea how Lynn pulled off a short sell on my residence in Florida.  Truth be told, I was very pessimistic about the whole ordeal however, she managed to find a buyer within less than a month of posting my residence and then negotiate on my behalf with the bank while I was away in Alaska.

In short, Lynn Pineda is amazing.

I am very grateful that I came upon a resourcefull and tenuous realtor that has an extremely uncommon amount of patience and concern for her clients.  She went above and beyond on numerous occasions for my benefit.  On one occasion, she utilized her lawyer to answer questions I had on the short sell agreement between the bank and without compensation.  She also managed to negotiate with the bank on the sell, coordinate this with my mother in Washington DC, and myself in McCarthy Alaska.  In sum, she almost single handily relinquished a huge financial burden on me and allowed me to move on to another chapter in my life.  In that, she is not compensated enough.

However, if Lynn counts her currency by the help she gives to distress homeowners, then she must be rich indeed.”

-Francis Neely Clapp


“My husband and I recently worked with Lynn Pineda for the purchase of a condominium in Broward County. Our experience was great! Lynn is a friendly and competent professional. She is quite knowledgable in the area of distressed sales.

Lynn provided outstanding service. I would recommend Lynn and will definitely call her the next time we look for a property in South Florida!”

Dee Mooney


“Hi Lynn,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the exceptional service that you provided to us on the sale of our property in Coral Springs. With the difficult economy and the numerous other obstacles we encountered, this was clearly not the typical real estate sale. Through it all you were enormously hard-working and helpful. Between locating contractors, handling repairs and dealing with a less-than-cooperative homeowners’ association, you really did it all for us. We are genuinely appreciative of the significant effort that you put into selling our property.

If we find ourselves with property in your area again, you are the first call that we will make! Thanks again for everything.”


Mike Murphy

Michael R. Murphy ● Executive Vice President/COO ● Motorola Employees Credit Union


“To anyone who may be thinking of using Lynn Pineda for their real estate needs please read the following testimonial

Recently I went through some tough times. I was taking care of my mother who had just undergone a cancer transplant and then had a stroke. I had also been in a financially destructive relationship which left me with nothing but foreclosures and debt. All my mortgages had fallen behind with the market changes, and all my properties were nearing foreclosure. I actually discovered Lynn Pineda through my search online for a short sales specialist. I called and left her a message, and she returned promptly and answered all my bombarding questions very kindly and professionally. I had a condo in Sunrise that was my first home I ever purchased-and I was so sad to see it go. I asked Lynn if she could manage a short sale on it even though we had already received the foreclosure papers for it. She said absolutely. All throughout the short sale process, Lynn was great about following up, answering all questions, and being professional and polite. She managed to sell my condo, and is now finishing up on a short sale for my mother as well on her condo. I could not have asked for a better person/agent to take care of my short sale than Lynn. She even recommended a good financial attorney to help me with my financial troubles as well. It’s funny, but we almost consider her as family now. I would without hesitation recommend Lynn to anyone I know. Thanks so much Lynn, you rock.”


Jill H.

Reviews about my Customer’s experience are very important to me as I work very hard in helping them avoid foreclosure to gain Short Sale Approval.  It matters to me.