Before Selling your home as Short Sale – 5 Stages before selling

In my daily readings I came across the writings of Twyman Towery PhD., where he noted the various stages of Before Selling your home as Short Salechange and how it compares to grief; it is on the mark for what a distressed Seller experiences before selling home as Short Sale.

  • DENIAL: Our first reaction is to deny, rather than adapt to and embrace, the change in our life

Our homes are our filled with memories and hopes this can’t be happening to us.

  • ANGER:  Once we realize we cannot stop the change we become angry that it is outside of our control. If we do not understand where the anger is coming from, we can mistakenly hurt the people we perceive to be initiating the change.

One of the worst things is when we lose control. We all like to be in control of our circumstances. When it has become obvious that we’ve lost control we become angry thinking there’s NO WAY I’m leaving.

  • EXPLORATION:  We begin to accept that there is going to be change and explore ways to deal with the change.  Depression can become a reality during this state as we give up being able to control the circumstances.

It’s very hard to accept that we’re going to lose our home. We’ve tried all that we could to stay put in our home and nothing worked. Now what? We’re going to have to find out a way in which to move gracefully. We start searching over the Internet entering a million different search terms into Google for ways in which to avoid foreclosure. We find a lot of information about selling home as Short Sale. We talk to friends and family about our options; should we sell home as a Short Sale or let our home go into Foreclosure?

  • COMMITMENT: We accept and embraced the change.  We begin to see some possible benefits of the change.

After careful researching and consideration we’ve come to realize that a Short Sale will truly help us to get to the next stage in our life and start to see some hope for the future. We come to find out that it may be possible to own a new home again after only a few short years. Hey, we know how fast time can go by. We decide to talk to friends, familys and search on our own too, to find a qualified South Florida Short Sale Specialist; a few names come up and after talking it over we’ve selected a Short Sale Specialist who has a track record of helping homeowners avoid foreclosure and closing on Short Sales over the past several years.So when we’re asked “Are you thinking about selling your home as a Short Sale? We now know, We’re committed and have brought a ray of sunshine back into our lives. It’s going to be all right.