Are you upside down on your South Florida Home?

You owe $350,000 on your home yet, it’s only worth about $220,000. What can you do?

This is an all too common complaint from homeowners here in South Florida. We hear some say the economy is Are you upside down on your South Florida Home?getting better and others say it is not; who are you supposed to believe? Are the unemployment numbers really accurate? What about those that have given up looking? Remember when the Foreclosure madness was put on hold while Lenders made sure fraudulent foreclosures weren’t continuing? When will the foreclosures that had been put on hold hit the Real Estate Market? How will all of this affect your home’s value? All you know is that you want to sell your home yet aren’t sure of how to get it done. Unfortunately, there isn’t any rosy outlook that indicates a jump in home prices . . . so anyhow back to your concern.

I have consulted with hundreds of homeowners here that are upside down on their South Florida home when they don’t know what to do; including some who simply want to move to seek new job opportunities. I offer a free, confidential consultation for you to find out what your options might be and to find out what is best for you.

Have you been hearing about short selling your home? Do you know the process? How long does it take? Who is qualified to help you consider selling your home as a Short Sale? What will your Lender want to know about your circumstances? Are there legal and tax issues to consider? Did you know that there currently is a Tax Relief Act that may help you avoid having to pay any taxes on any forgiven balance but did you know that it is set to expire at the end of this year? I know, I understand that you likely have a lot of questions.

As a Coral Springs and South Florida Short Sale Specialist, it would be my pleasure to help you figure out what might work for you. Call me now for that free, confidential consultation. You’ll be glad you did – what can it hurt?!

Are you upside down on your South Florida Home?