Ahh…said the South Florida Short Sale Seller. Yes, it’s true, as I experienced another “Ahh” moment when I successfully closed on another South Florida Short Sale and on a Friday.

We received a contract within 2 weeks on the market. (Must have been priced right) The home had no great  sell home as short sale in south floridsfeatures, far from it, other than being located close to a popular downtown cafe & shop area, just 2 blocks away.

Contract was submitted to Lender, Bank of America, for HAFA Short Sale approval and within 60 days we received HAFA approval with no counter offer as Lender fully accepting Buyers offer which was within 82% of appraised value and with those numbers we had a Happy Buyer.

South Florida Short Sale Seller received a full release of deficiency balance, avoided foreclosure and received a check for $3000 at closing. What distressed Seller wouldn’t be happy with a check for $3000?

Now what? Well, the Seller can now go forward in her life leaving the stress of not being able to afford her mortgage behind her and now has the hope of brighter days ahead as she knows the sun will come up tomorrow and probably a little bit brighter.

A good day in South Florida. I’m a South Florida Short Sale Specialist breathing a little better today too.